In this section we have compiled a series of video interviews, lectures and others regarding the 1915 genocide.
These are available in our video section .

Photo Gallery

Although the censorship was harsh and the technique was quite primitive during WWI, there are quite many images of the massacres in the Ottoman Turkey. A selection of these photos are found in the image gallery .


About is developed by in cooperation with the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden for spreading information about the 1915 genocide in Ottoman Turkey which engulfed Armenians, Assyrians/Syriacs/Chaldeans as well as Anatolian and Pontic Greeks.

Many have heard of the Armenian Genocide, 1915 Genocide or Seyfo but the general knowledge is still limited. presents a selection of answers to frequently asked questions, research material, documents, evidence and other available information on the events of WWI.


2015-10-29 Paraguay Senate recognizes the 1915 Genocide.
2015-04-22 Austrian Parliament recognizes the 1915 Genocide.
2015-04-20 The German Government recognizes the 1915 Genocide

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New book

Knowledge and Acknowledgement

A new book on the politics of memory of the Armenian Genocide is published on October 12, 2018 by Routledge. It can also be ordered from Amazon.